Blephex a new Blepharitis Treatment

Blephex, a new Blepharitis Treatment has just been launched and may be of help for people with sore eyes. Many patients suffer from blepharitis or sore eye lids. These can cause irritable and dry eyes.  The mainstay of treatment is heating the eye lids, followed by massage and then eye lid cleansing with tea tree oil shampoo. This generally works however the heating needs to be at least 10 minutes to fully open the meibomian glands. The face needs to become hot and sweaty before the waxy material in the glands melts and the pores open. Once the pores are open massage and cleansing with a baby shampoo is useful. Finally drops can reduce inflammation and infection in the eye lids. Do ask your ophthalmologist about these as the best can only be got on prescription.

A new lid massage machine has just been launched by Blephex, this looks interesting and potentially useful in cleaning the eye- lids and massaging the meibomian glands. We will be trialing this with patients over the next few weeks – do ask about our progress.

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Richard Newsom