Social media first for Spire Southampton Hospital

Mr Richard NewsomLeepeckgroup has helped Spire Southampton Hospital create a social media first by live tweeting a cataract operation from one of the hospital’s state of the art operating theatres.

During National Eye Health Week, Mr Richard Newsom, consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Spire Southampton Hospital removed a cataract from LPG Chairman Lee Peck’s right eye, while the whole procedure was reported through @spiresoton, the hospital’s official Twitter feed.

The ten-minute operation was also recorded and uploaded to Youtube to show the incredible advances in eye surgery and how these life-changing procedures are now open to anyone.

Lee was photographed talking about what lay ahead with Mr Newsom just an hour before entering the operating theatre, and having undertaken the procedure with just a local anaesthetic, was able to leave the hospital the same afternoon.

Lee Peck said: “The operation was a complete success and my vision is now absolutely brilliant. From my perspective the biggest plus is that I’ve been able to return to work within five days of the procedure.”

Mr Newsom said: “Advances in new diagnostics and surgical equipment mean that 95% of patients enjoy good vision following cataract surgery. Lee was a model patient and now enjoys 20/20 vision in both eyes.”

It is the first time that Spire Southampton Hospital have used social media to demonstrate the work of their surgeons and the ground-breaking procedures that are available to patients in the area.

Mr Richard Newsom during the operation

Jane Whitney-Smith, Spire Southampton Hospital director said: “Communicating what we do is so important to give confidence to patients. Spire Southampton Hospital offers comprehensive private hospital treatments, procedures, tests and scans to patients from across the region and this was an excellent opportunity to show people just one of the many treatments available.”

The operation was followed by @myvisionmatters the Twitter feed of National Eye Health Week and widely praised by followers within the eye health sector. The photography was by Innes Marlow